PhotoFast I-Flash Drive PhotoCube with 128GB Micro SD Card

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Backup your photos while charging:
Simply connect PhotoCube to charger and it will backup automatically. Backup and charge at the same time. 

Exclusive app for Smart File Management:

Smart backup including photos, contacts and calendars through the PhotoFast one App.

Use microSD at your choice and Enjoy Unlimited Storage:

PhotoCube supports all major microSD card brands and allows you to manage different files.Smart notification will remind you to change your microSD card when the storage is not enough.

USB3.1 Ultra-Fast Transfer:
The latest USB3.1 high-speed interface allows faster data processing when iPhone is charging. Using microSD card makes it convenient for you to transfer files from iPhone/iPad/Windows/Mac and microSD compatible devices.

Backup automatically every time you charge your iPhone:
Smart photo backup design, it resumes from where you left off the last time. It's fast and efficient.

Control Access to Your Important Files and Folders:
PhotoCube Protects your data security. Control access to your in-app storage data with TouchID/FaceID. Avoid data leakage through free cloud storage.