Nomad Wireless Charging Hub

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A sophisticated wireless charger with a multi-port USB charging hub underneath. Capable of charging up to 5 devices at once and designed to blend into your home’s decor. Discreetly hidden under its matte rubber top, Hub’s backside houses four high-powered USB ports and a cable routing passage for clean cable management.

  • POWERS UP MULTIPLE DEVICES - This Multi-Port USB Charging Hub from Nomad is built to power up 5 devices at the same time, ideal for people who own several electronic gadgets.
  • HIGH-POWER USB OUTPUT - Keep your gadgets charged up especially when you're always on the go. This Nomad hub features 3 USB outputs—max output of 27W, two high-output 2.4A and three standard 1A USB ports.
  • LED CHARGING INDICATORS - Built with LED charging indicators with an ambient light sensor at the top rim of the hub, one for each USB output for convenient monitoring whether your device is still charging or is already fully charged.
  • DURABLE, PREMIUM-MADE - Made from high-grade materials to ensure durability and long-lasting use: soft matte rubber top, polycarbonate housing, molded TPE footing, and steel inserts for added stability.